Gabriella Morrongiello

Political Reporter at Washington Examiner

At 20 years old, Gabriella Morrongiello is quickly making a name for herself in the media. The Young America’s Foundation student activist and National Journalism Center alumna recently concluded an internship at Fox News’s Special Report with Bret Baier and has made strides as a young conservative in Washington, D.C.

At Fox News, Morrongiello is responsible for filing original reporting content on the blog and news site, transcribing video footage for editing, and compiling packets for the program’s panelists and regular correspondents.

What surprised her the most about the broadcast internship is the amount of work that goes into a one-hour show. The job entails sorting through countless emails for news tips and comical kickers to place in-between longer segments.

The California native first visited the nation’s Capitol two years ago to attend Young America’s Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference.

“I had never been to D.C., but I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t been to that conference. The people [there] propelled me forward as a young aspiring journalist, and I am forever indebted to them,” Morrongiello noted.

It was at that conference, among passionate young conservatives, that Morrongiello realized her vocational desire was to inform the public through a career in media. She returned to her campus at Oregon State University (OSU) with motivation to voice beliefs that were rarely mentioned by professors and classmates.

Morrongiello quickly stepped up on her liberal campus as the founding Young Americans for Freedom chapter chairwoman, determined to rally together other like-minded students.

“Students aren’t getting stories from both sides; it’s been detrimental to our generation,” she explained.

During her freshman year, Morrongiello recalled being given seven textbooks for her introduction to political science class. The literature covered bizarre and leftist topics including why America needs a single-payer system and “crashing the Tea Party.”

Unhappy with the lack of diversity in higher education, Morrongiello confronted her professor, and eventually the administration, about her dissatisfaction with the curriculum. Coincidentally, the professor went on sabbatical the following semester, and Morrongiello never heard back from the administration on the issue.

Eager to jumpstart her career in journalism and reach more people with the facts, Morrongiello applied to and was accepted into Young America’s Foundation’s National Journalism Center (NJC) in Washington, D.C. Over the course of the 12-week program, the young writer learned valuable skills through NJC’s weekly speakers and her internship at the commentary desk at the Washington Examiner.

“At the Examiner, I saw the time and effort that esteemed columnists, including Byron York and [NJC alumnus] Tim Carney, put into each of their pieces, and I realized that having the general population actually seek your opinion and rely

on it to make conclusions of their own is one of the greatest achievements one can make as a writer,” noted Morrongiello. “It gives me something incredible to work toward and something to look forward to.”

Morrongiello was inspired by the writers she met during her internship, saying they motivated her to become a well-rounded reporter. The best advice she took away from Tim Carney was that writing a column is important, even if you only inform the reader of one new fact that had not previously been known.

Following her NJC internship, Morrongiello transferred to The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., where she is pursuing a double major in political science and journalism.

Morrongiello (center) distributes the Foundation’s materials to her peers to ensure they understand the importance of freedom.

In her internship at Fox News, Morrongiello pursued stories relating to immigration reform, an issue which she is most passionate about. She says she is considering getting her master’s in immigration law in order to learn more about why people immigrate to the U.S., what can be done to reform the law, and how the issue impacts other aspects of our government.

Regardless of where her career path takes her, this YAF and NJC alumna has already proven she has the drive and motivation to make a difference as a reporter and activist.

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Nov 9

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