As a YAF or NJC alumnus, you are a part of history.  The Sharon Statement was adopted on September 11, 1960 by a group of 100 young conservatives who convened at the home of William F. Buckley in Sharon, Connecticut with the purpose of creating Young Americans for Freedom.

In 2015, The New York Times recognized the Sharon Statement as a “seminal document” of the Conservative Movement and it is widely regarded by historians and thought leaders as one of the most important declarations in the history of American conservatism.

YAF enjoys a rich historical journey from the birth of the Conservative Movement to where Young Americans for Freedom, Young America’s Foundation, and the National Journalism Center stand today.

Ss a YAF or NJC alumnus you are part of a network of professionals in almost every area of the Conservative Movement. This can be a very powerful tool. YAF’s alumni program aims to connect the past with the present and tell the stories of how participants in our programs are making an impact in our world.

We can’t build this network alone, so we ask that you keep us up to date on where you are and what you are doing.

We love hearing about your personal and career successes, and it is our hope to use your stories to inspire the next generation of young conservatives.  One story can inspire a student to be bold, reach higher, and work harder to advance freedom for future generations.  Will that story be yours?